Sunday, February 15, 2015

Another Storm

Here I am again with nothing much to report except the dreadful weather.

I celebrated my birthday on Feb 10th, I say celebrated in the loosest of terms, it was possibly the most lack lustre birthday to date. I would like to thank all of you that sent cards and gifts, much appreciated. I found birthday wishes from my work colleagues on a big poster they made in the loo....Commonly known now as my second office. A customer bought me in a cake, which was sweet and Rob brought back a Chinese takeaway. My birthday wish was that it didn't snow that day, but sadly that wish didn't come true and it was yet another messy day on the roads, however that was nothing compared to the weather today. We have had more snow, followed by ice pellets and then a load of rain as the temperature rose for about 2 hours, which caused some melting of the massive amounts of snow everywhere, that in turn has and is now flash freezing again as the temperature drop back down to around minus 15.

The last few weeks have been relentless, almost everyday it has been a struggle to go anywhere and try and keep on top of snow clearing. Just leaving the house requires a good extra ten minutes just to get extra layers of clothing on and boots of course. This Winter really has turned into possibly the worst one yet here for me. I hate it! My mood is bleak most of the time, I cannot be bothered with anything. So if I haven't written back to you recently, it's because even the computer holds no interest for me. I am pretty sure I am not alone in feeling this way, most people I know seem to have no energy and sleeping way more than they normally do.

I am hoping upon hoping that this weather ends soon and I can begin to get out of this funk.
One good thing in amongst the weather gloom is that we have a new Stat/Bank holiday tomorrow. Many other parts of Canada already celebrate a day off in Feb as Family Day. Nova Scotia have called it Heritage Day and tomorrow is the first one. I am thrilled to be having a day off as it means I don't have to try and get into work. I find it funny that most other Provinces call their holiday 'Family Day' yet Nova Scotia has to call it something else.

I will leave you with a couple of snowy images - On the left a view of the front garden and driveway, on the left a car buried in snow out the back on of the units next to where I work. The image was taken last week. Good job they left the windscreen wipers up to stop  them getting snow covered!!!! I actually saw the lady owner digging it out Thursday but by Friday it had more snow on it. I am also posting my favourite viral cat video of the week.

Spot the car in the right hand image! Click to view larger!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Still Here

It looks like Winter proper has kicked in now, after a relatively snow free December and half of January, we got a first 'full on' Winter storm last week. It moved up the Eastern Seaboard affecting NY and Boston the worst as no doubt you will have seen in the papers and on the news, it was a pretty messy affair for us and as usual it was a battle to get to work, I luckily grabbed a lift in with a colleague and we were sent packing at noon as the roads were terrible. Since then it has snowed more, thawed, frozen, chucked down some freezing rain which took Rob and I 20 minutes to chip a thick layer of ice of the car, then it snowed some more and has now frozen again and guess what...we are due another winter storm on Tuesday...Yay!...NOT!

In case you haven't spotted it yet I hate the snow and winter in general and it has literally sapped any life out of me, I go to work I come home and I don't do anything. Just getting on the computer is proving an enormous effort as you can see from my lack of updates.

Rob has been pretty busy in and out on call his colourful language appears to be getting worse every time he has to go outside to empty the bins, shovel the driveway, open the shed or go out in general. It's been so cold that the lock keeps freezing on the shed door which maddens him to the point I think his head is going to explode, I watched him earlier doing a Basil Fawlty and kicking it relentlessly.

Although I maybe inside more than out, it has certainly given me plenty of time to watch lots and lots of TV. Something I missed in the UK but have now watched on Netflix is 'Last Tango in Halifax' What a fantastic series that is, I loved it, and it has to be right up there with my all time fave TV series now. I have also finished watching the latest series of Lilyhammer, which is a series that so shouldn't work in theory but just does, it too is one of my favourites. I could list so many more but there are way too many of them. I have been engrossed in Celebrity Big Brother and loving it. I am torn as to who I want to see win it but I think as a beacon of calm in a sea of Chaos, Keith Chegwin should win it. I have been sharing many tweets with the BB fans and Interact quite regularly with Judi James the Body Language expert on Big Brother's bit on the side, I have also been interacting with Chris Wright one the contestants from last Summer's Civilian BB (he was my favourite to win it but sadly evil prevailed over good). I should mention that I have also in the past had Twitter one or two interactions with Keith Chegwin (when he was on Dancing on Ice). I love Twitter and interactions like these make it so much more interesting.

I will leave you with my favourite viral video that never fails to put a smile on my face...I love it even more as he reminds me of Hank from Breaking Bad!


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