Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!...No snow...Yet!

Art imitating life! The broken ball count continues as
Shakespeare enjoys Christmas and Hamish is just
glad he's deaf!

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A Much Needed Update

Sorry I have been AWOL again.
Really not too much occurring apart from the usual doldrums I get at this time of year. Work has been manic and my stress levels have reached sky high. Possibly something I shouldn't mention but (seeing as this is a warts and all blog), I will...I have been prescribed mild anxiety medication to help me stay a little calmer right now. That said I am feeling much better this week that I was last week (before I started taking them).

There are many things compounding my mood and state of mind. Christmas is nearly upon us once more and for me it's a total non-entity. I dislike Winter intensely and not having my family around this time of year really gets me down and then there's work, with a new computer system that is extremely complex and  making my job 3 times more arduous than it was before. Rob and I will be spending our first Christmas in our new home which is the one thing I am looking forward to, that a few days away from work.

The weather forecasters are practically chomping at the bit now when it comes to predicting the weather. They want snow, ice pellets, blizzards, white outs and freezing rain so bad now. They seem pretty disappointed that mother nature has let them down so far. Hard to believe but since my last update and that dusting of snow we had, we have seen NONE...yes NONE of the white stuff yet. What we have had is pounding rain and wind, followed by mild temps and almost t-shirt weather days. It;s certainly been a mixed bag. I know we won't avoid the snow for much longer but I for one have been enjoying the wet days.

What I haven't been enjoying has been driving home in the dark on those aforementioned wet days.
The reason being...Pedestrians on badly lit crossings wearing black clothing. Now I pride myself on having pretty good eyesight, But you cannot see these people who not only dress in the worst possible colour, but step out without looking or warning as they have right of way and don't look first and expect you to stop....Meanwhile us, the car drivers are struggling to make out even the crossing under the dimly lit street lights (that would be equal to the likes of the streets lights in a third world country), whilst battling blindness from oncoming traffic and driving rain. Reflectors should be made compulsory whilst walking at night round these parts and pedestrians should not have right of way unless the crossing is controlled by a 'walk now' button. Even with the new zebra crossing markings it's still almost impossible to see people. Every week I am still hearing of people being knocked down, it is crazy...and it's no wonder.

Okay I am moving on from the ranting.

I did make the effort and go out this weekend. We had a works do, a bunch of us went bowling, we have some food there and more than a few drinks. I must confess I got the most drunk I have been in years. The do was on the same evening as Anne and Smiffy's Christmas bash, so I was pretty miffed about that. Rob went round to theirs and chauffeured me back after the bowling so I could make a late and rather drunken appearance...Sorry about that Anne! I We swapped presents I slurred quit a bit and was probably quite annoying. I then proceeded to get an early hangover. One of the presents they gave us was from their cat Donovan to our boys. Some toys in a small gift bag.When we returned home I put the bag on the kitchen table and quickly made my way to bed. At around 4 am Rob and I were rudely awakened by a crashing sound then a cat running full pelt across both of us whist rustling at the same time, at break neck speed he ran back across us, before we had time to get up and investigate...What did we find...A ripped gift back, part of which (the handles) around Shakespeare's neck, with the rest of the paper attached looking like a cape of sorts and a some smashed Christmas tree balls where he had done a few turns of the tree trying to escape the bag. This I might add did nothing for my now terrible hangover.

I am not sure if I will be updating the blog again this side of Christmas. So until next time, I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas. Here's to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015. We shall be raising a glass and remembering absent friends, sadly lost this year;
Kevin, Gord, Warren & Chris.

Winter at Blue Rocks (From the Archives)

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Movie Props and Bad Driving

Apologies for the lack of update last week. I really had nothing to talk about I have literally been nowhere and done nothing.

The weather has turned colder now and although, thankfully we haven't had the weather that Buffalo and other parts of Canada have been enduring, the temperature has dropped somewhat. This week we did actually see a dusting of snow on Wednesday morning. Apparently Nova Scotian's had forgotten that it snows at this time of the year and had also forgotten how to drive. I headed off to work at a snails pace along Main Street wondering what on earth the hold up was, only to come to a complete halt just before joining the Circ (highway). A police car promptly pulled up and the officer got out and started re directing traffic...He ushered me off to another lane, as I crawled past him, reluctant to change my route I wound down the window and politely said 'If you send me off down here, I have no idea how to get to work'...To which he replied...'Where do you work?' I told him and then he said, 'Well you will have to go down Prince Albert and loop round'. I am pretty sure that this last sentence means nothing to you dear readers, as it did to me...I wound up the window and preceded into unknown territory. Thankfully as I started to blindly follow traffic with no clue as to where I was going, Rob sent me a text asking if I had got to work okay...his reply from me was 'Lost - Help' I got him on the phone (speaker) and he had to literally calm me down off the ceiling of the car (as I think I was screaming in a pitch only dogs can hear) and help direct me.
Every which way I went there was traffic everywhere.I eventually got to work, all told the normal 10 minute journey took me an hour. I heard later that in and outside of the city there was a total of 37 accidents...Can you believe it?!

A message to Nova Scotian's...It's Winter...It snows...Get your Winter Tires on and Slow Down!

Yesterday Rachael, Her son Dean, Rob and I went to the Victorian Christmas event at Halifax Citadel.You may remember we went last year. I cannot convey to you (even though it was a sunny day) how cold it was up there. It was actually minus 3 degrees but with the biting wind, it felt like minus stupid! My face was still red raw last night. I would have come away empty handed photographically had it not been for the remains of a movie set in the grounds which we found far more interesting than all the Santa and bagpipes stuff. We to a look round behind one of the buildings and found a veritable feast of movie props handily all gathered in what resembled a back alley. We braved the howling wind that was whistling down there and bagged some photos. Which you can see below. It reminded Rob and I of Dr Who for some reason. I just imagine it's what one of their sets might feel like, although not outdoors and freezing cold.

Movie Set at The Citadel

Back Alley Barrels - Very Dr Who

Barrel Wagon (left) Dried Flowers on Hanger (right)

Old Mangle (Left) Dried Flowers on Crate (Right)

More Wheels and Barrels...Loved it!

Sunday, November 9, 2014


I hope this post finds all my UK followers well on this Remembrance Sunday. I do hope that at least some of you have made it up to the Tower of London to view the amazing ceramic poppy spectacle. I have to say I would have loved to have visited that in person. I read that some it will still be on display until the end of November. I think it's a shame it can't stay there permanently as a constant reminder and tribute to those who served and gave their lives.

Over here we have Remembrance Day on Tuesday and for most of us it is a holiday. There will be services and parades across the province. The largest being in Halifax.

I really haven't done anything much to talk about, so now you can expect a bit of waffle...

The dreaded Christmas season is nearly upon us again, I just bought some Christmas cards and found the whole process quite annoying, where the heck did Summer go? We also spent a couple of hundred bucks this week getting the Winter tires put on, an oil change and the rust proofing undercoat. Pretty essential living here as the vehicles really do take a pounding all Winter.

I am going to skip on to something more pleasant than Winter and it's time for me to bang on about a movie I watched this week. (I cannot actually believe it's taken me this long to watch it as I have actually had it in my possession for months). 'Silver Linings Playbook' is the best film I have seen in a very long time. I'll be honest, when I started watching it, I thought it wasn't for me, but I quickly changed my mind, the acting is superb, it's thoughtful and touching with a just the right amount of humour. If you haven't seen this movie yet, give it a go. For me these days, I love a movie that tells a good story, that's character driven and not reliant on special effects and this checks all of those boxes.

Not only did I see the best movie I have seen in a long time this week, I also fell in love all over again with Ed Sheeran. I finally got around to buying the new CD 'X' and track 11 Talking Out Loud literally takes my breath away. If you only buy one CD this year, buy this one!!

I will leave you with (the not so good video) for Thinking out Loud, I do admire Ed for taking on the dance challenge I just think he looks a little awkward. Also as a special treat for you :o)...Some of my recent images of Shakespeare taken under the sheets on our bed which is his absolute favourite game.
Don't forget if you want to catch up and see all my photos you can follow me on Flickr here.

I'm ready for my close up now

Mischief is just a paws length away

Undercover Cat

Upside Down

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Happy Halloween

Stuck on You
I trust everyone had a wonderful Halloween. Rob and I (having ignored it last year) decided we would participate again this year in the hope we wouldn't have 150 kids knocking at the door in the new neighbourhood and thankfully there were just about 35 that came round in some rather interesting and pretty good costumes I might add. We had enough treats for 50, so we have been enjoying the leftovers yesterday and today.

A few of the work colleagues dressed up on Friday, we had a pirate, a devil 2 sexy fire women, Batman and Clint Eastwood (Colleen our Operations Manager)...I definitely thought hers was the best.

Friday itself was a beautiful weather day, sunny and warm, and even into the evening it wasn't cold. However since then it has rained ALL weekend. So I have been no where and done nothing which is slightly annoying to say the least.

The clocks went back last night and it's pretty dark and
miserable already and it's only 4 pm. It's all downhill and full steam ahead for the dreaded Winter now. I did get a second opinion on the weather from the Accu-Weather blogger that I follow on Twitter, he did confirm that he also thought the temperatures would be much milder this winter, but now I wonder is milder temps means more snow rather than less. at least when it gets really cold it can't snow.

I shall be booking up this week to get my Winter tires on and the car rust proofed. Apparently New Brunswick had some snow this weekend...That sucks!

I don't really have much to write about as you can probably tell so I will leave you with images of my newly vamped up sofa, curtains & rug, some more Fall shots and this years Jack-O-Lantern that we carved on Wed (photographed amongst the ton of leaves we still have to rake up in the back yard and on the deck).

My 'Standard' Jack-O-Lantern Design!
Crossing Lines

New Cushions, Curtains and Rug. FYI before the rug was
a beige pattern/check the cushions were an 80's  
Aztec pattern and very thready. The curtains were floor
length,beige large check pattern. even though the image 

is crap, it really is a vision in blue and grey now.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

I Come from a Land Down Under

Hello...and first of all let me wish my friend Sylvie a Happy Birthday! She is an avid reader of the blog and hopefully this will be the first thing she reads on Monday morning.

Bit of a dull old week again, nothing really to talk about. We have had a lot of rain this week and quite a bit of wind too, so sadly the Fall Colours have gone past their best now. I still haven't taken a photo of the updated cushions and curtains in the family room...Note to self...Must try harder!

Rachael and I went out for a walk yesterday, we went back to Shubie Park and I her took her along the exact trails Rob and I walked last week. There were still pockets of colour here and there, but I would say two thirds of the leaves are now on the ground.

I was pleased to read this article in the paper this week. If he is right I will be more than happy! However the sceptic in me says this is coming from someone connected to Environment Canada...And you all remember the Rick Mercer +1 video I posted! It could be a false sense of reassurance to stop us all from going to those dark places and destroying property!

In a random piece of trivia apparently I am sounding more and more Australian. You would not believe the amount of people that talk to me on a weekly basis and say 'I love you accent' I always politely say thank you...and then ask them Where do you think I am from? The answer is always the same...Australia. Actually there was one chap about a week ago who actually thought I was South African. I corrected him one time and he obviously didn't hear me and carried on talking about South Africa so I loudly corrected him again, which seemed to stop him dead in his tracks as he had no anecdotes about the UK. I feel all these people can't be crap at hearing my accent so I can only attribute this to the following:

1. English mixed with Canadian sounds Australian
2. My best mate Sarah's NZ accent rubbed of on me a long time ago and part of stuck and has emerged again since I moved to Canada
3. I have been watching too much Australian Big Brother

Whatever the reason, I think I am stuck with being from a Land Down Under.
On that bombshell, I will leave you with some more images from our fabulous Fall.

Fall Forest Finery

Falls Island

Fall Delight

Fall Patchwork II

Cascading through Fall

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Titivating Interiors

Touches of Fall
Well it's Sunday and I am not going to put off until tomorrow what I can do today. I only say that of
course because I don't have a whole, heck of a lot to write about.

The weather has been just lovely this week apart from Friday when it rained most of the day. All the hurricane activity moving around and past us, coupled with weather fronts from Ontario are giving us almost Summer-like conditions. I think this is the first year I have known when we haven't experienced a massive wind storm that has quite literally blown the leaves off the trees overnight.

That said the colours really are so beautiful right now. Depending on which area you visit, some have maybe gone past their best but in the City they have just emerged. Robert and I took (what turned into) a long walk around Shubie Park yesterday in the late afternoon. It wasn't what I would call a blue sky day but light kept peaking through the hazy, grey clouds lighting up all the golds and reds, it's just so lovely to see.

In other news I have been titivating the family room. My tired, old blue sofa was in need of a makeover, so I finally spent the rest of the vouchers we were kindly given by Rob's boss. I ended up buying some new cushions for the aforementioned sofa and just by doing this, it has completely given it a new lease of life and looks ten times more trendy than it did before. I also finally threw out the old beige/check rug that we bought we we first moved here. It went past it's prime a long time ago and was an eye sore as far as I was concerned. It has now been replaced by a small grey shag pile rug and today I got some heavier weight nice quality grey curtains for that room to complete the look. I have yet to take a photo, but I will. It's amazing how much a few little tweaks can vastly change the look and feel of a room.

For those of you in the UK wondering (perhaps)...I am watching Strictly Come Dancing and loving Jake AKA Max Branning from Eastenders...I would love to see him win the whole thing. My other favourite it Caroline Flack who I think is amazing on the dance floor. Simultaneously I am also watching the USA version Dancing with the Stars, so I get somewhat confused on a weekly basis.
Without doubt my absolute favourite is Alfonso Ribeiro AKA Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. He is an outstanding dancer.

I will leave you with a video of Carlton doing 'The Carlton' and some gorgeous Fall scenery.

Fall Splendour at Shubie Park

Ground Fall

Sunshine Squash

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

Wine Tasting!
I seem to have slipped into a bi-weekly update. Apologies! My lack of updating boils down to two reasons...1) I have done very little and have nothing to talk about or 2) I am so busy at the weekends that I run out of time and put off updating. In the case of last week it was definitely a 'did nothing' week. I had hoped to be out at the weekend but it was windy and rainy...Of course as soon as Monday came around, the sun came out again and it has been very nice all week. 

With it being Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, we have a lovely 3 days off. Yesterday I went in search of Fall colours with Rob and we headed to the Tatamagouche area first (approx 1.5 hours away). I have wanted to get back and take some photos of the Balmoral Grist Mill for such a long time now. Rob and I hadn't been there since 2005. Although closed for the season I did manage to get a couple of decent shots of the Mill with some Fall foliage. From there we headed towards Parrsboro area via the Wentworth Valley, there were some spectacular colours along there covering the mountains and hills, but sadly the road to Parrsboro was a let down, and was pretty much colourless, the greyness descended and we decided to head back. We did however stop in at Masstown Market to buy our annual pumpkin. Masstown Market is a huge Farm store, it also has a large separate fish market, restaurant and gift section. The produce there is always superb and the place is and has always been packed the the rafters every time we have stopped there. I should imagine the owner is worth a small fortune.

Today I went out with a colleague of mine from work. We have been saying we should go out for a while now and for one reason or another haven't, but today we did. We went to visit the Avondale Sky Winery. For those of you that didn't think of  Nova Scotia as a wine producing area, think again. There are many wineries in and around the Annapolis Valley all offering something different from sparkling wines, desert wines, Rieslings and Merlots. The owners of the Avondale Sky Winery loving moved and restored St. Matthew’s Church in Walton which was to be demolished and turned it into their winery shop, complete with original stained glass windows and font, it is a charming place which is very welcoming and beautiful. Having sampled some of the wines there today I actually did buy a bottle (being a beer girl) this was quite something. 

From there we paid a visit to Howard Dill's Pumpkin Farm, which as you know by now is always a favourite haunt of mine this time of year...BUT not today. I definitely picked the wrong weekend to drop in...It was packed, the whole word, his wife and kids were there, there was no parking and it was bedlam, I have never, ever seen it so busy. Needless to say I was in and out of there in a flash.

After the last couple of days I am pretty tired so I know my Thanksgiving will be spent mostly looking at the inside of my eyelids! Happy Thanksgiving Canada!

The Balmoral Grist Mill

Winery Corks

Vines and Colours!

Fall Colours in the Wentworth Valley

St Croix River

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Fall is Here

The Milky Way Over
Horton Lighthouse
I have been remiss of updating in the last couple of weeks, so I thought I had better make the effort today to write something.

Fall is finally here and the leaves are starting to change already. It's a wonderful time of the year when the colours show themselves in all their glory, but I find it sad too as the season is so fleeting and we all know what will follow...Grrrr.

Last weekend, Rob and I attended the funeral of a friend of ours, our old neighbour Gord. He was a gentle giant of a man, who on first impressions may appear quite gruff, but he was very kind and would do anything for you. From the time we moved in next door to him and Christine, they were very welcoming and lent us anything we needed and didn't have, we shared back yard chats and drinks with them on many occasion. My father and Marjory met them when they visited in 2010 and we all spent an evening together round at our place.

Gord was diagnosed with pancreatic Cancer in May and the prognosis was not good. The chemo didn't help and the inevitable outcome happened on Wednesday 17th September.
Gord was the founder member of a a biker gang, at least 50 of which pulled up on their bikes to pay respects to their fallen brother. It was quite the spectacle and one which I think Gord would have taken great pride in.

This week has been a tough one, we are getting a new software system at work and I, along with others from East Coast branches have been in training for most of the week. My head has been crammed full of stuff to the point I can't fit anymore information in. I just hope I can remember some of it at least by the time we go live in December.

This weekend, Robert and I went to Hatfield Farm, the weather has been lovely so I didn't want to waste it doing nothing. It was a pleasant morning and fun with the animals. I have yet to look at my images from there, but will post some as and when I do.
Last night Rachael and I went to Raye's Lighthouse to practice shooting stars and do some light painting. Raye joined us to see what we were up to. It's is very dark there and so peaceful. We could hear Coyotes howling and there must have been a rogue skunk mooching about somewhere, because although we couldn't see him we could definitely smell him.

Belated birthday wishes go out to Pam this week (I hope you received the card) and coming up, Happy Birthday to my friend Sarah!

Big Tancook Island Houses

Fall is upon us!

Spinning Sails - Big Tancook Island

Tractor and Shed - Big Tancook Island

Sunday, September 14, 2014


Well hello followers.
It's been a couple of weeks since I have taken to the keyboard and updated you.
I have just enjoyed a blissful week off work. Shame it went by all too fast.

Last weekend Robert and I headed up to New Brunswick again, this time we were aiming to attend the Atlantic Balloon Fiesta in Sussex, New Brunswick, we had actually attending this event back in 2005 as tourists. Due to the popularity of the event, I had a hard job booking up a place close to it, and ended up staying in a very cute little village called Alma, which is just at the entrance to Fundy National Park and approximately an hour away from Sussex. When we got to Alma to check in, the weather had got rather drizzly. I can only describe Alma as like visiting Cornwall in the Alps...Fishing village surrounding by mountains.

After a quick look round, we bought our park pass and headed up over the other side of the mountain towards Sussex, where the weather was hot and sunny...Weird! We got to the Launch site for the balloons, where they was quite a bit going on, including a fun fair and music. After hanging around a little bit, we realised that the wind had picked up substantially and the announcement confirmed what we had already thought, there would be no balloons taking off that evening. More importantly I also found out that there was a storm on the way...The mere mention of the word storm sent me all of a dither. 

We stayed around for a couple more hours, and watched the Atlantic Canine Freestyle display which was utterly adorable, especially little Rat Terrier Kip (pictured above). At one point Kip got a bit excited and tried to jump one of the hurdles before it had been lowered. As he crashed into it there was a huge collective awwwww from the spectators. Kip also had me in absolute fits of giggles as in between tricks he/she spent quite a lot of the time getting friendly with his owners leg.

After the dogs were all tricked out we decided to call it a day at Sussex and head back to Alma, where once again the weather was damp and drizzly. We had a very early night and I did toy briefly with the idea of getting up at stupid o'clock on the off chance the balloons might take off at dawn...Hmmm, well I soon scrapped that idea.So instead the next morning, we headed into Fundy National Park for a look around. I photographed a few spots, The Covered Bridge at Wolfe Point, Bennett Lake and Dickson Falls...Now Dickson Falls...A moderate hike so the brochure said, OMG, how many steps, down, along, then up...It was touch and go but I made it. After the picture taking we went off to find breakfast and we ended up having sausages and waffles with Maple Syrup at the tiny Farmer's Market in Alma.

From there we took the scenic route to Cape Enrage Lighthouse and then travelled on to the Hopewell Rocks. I wasn't sure if I was going to do the rocks. I have only been there once before in 2005, but as it was a nice day I thought why not...Long walk down the hill...not to bad, then down the steps to the ocean floor as the tide was out, then back up the steps again...then thankfully a shuttle back up the hill. 

Come Monday when I went to get out of bed, I literally couldn't walk. I had completely overdone the climbing and walking and my calves were so painful and stiff you wouldn't believe.
Needless to say I didn't do anything Monday except edit a few photos and recover.
Tuesday I took myself off to The Tangled Garden for a walk around, the weather was beautifully sunny. Wednesday Rachael and I met up and went to Eastern Passage for lunch, she is waiting for a replacement camera as her wasn't cleaned successfully by Nikon. Thursday I went for a lovely self indulgent pedicure, I had the full works including a hot paraffin wax on my feet, and leg massage.

Friday Rob had the day off and we decided to take a trip to Big Tancook Island (which you get to via ferry from Chester). The ride on the ferry is about 40 minutes during which you pass by many smaller islands, some with one of two houses/mansions on, some with nothing on, the Ferry first stops at Little Tancook Island and then continues to Big Tancook. It has a charming harbour and nearby there is a lovely little cafe (the apple pie went down a storm), bike rentals (as you cannot take your car across), and some pretty and unusual artisan shops. 

I had a long chat with Angela and her miniature Pot Belly Pig 'Ruby' at the Sea Myst Gallery and then further across the island (on the main path) I met and chatted with Hillary at Wishing Stones Studio & Gallery, this shop is not only holds some wonderful gifts but is also a museum for the island with lots of lovely old bits and bobs from bygone days, a collection that was started by Hillary's mother. This is the wonderful boxed display sign outside of her shop/museum. When you leave she makes sure you get a wishing stone to wish on and throw into the ocean..Which I did, so fingers crossed. The weather was gorgeous on Friday and I ended up getting quite sunburned.

Saturday was a day of rest and I spent most of it in bed. Which brings me to today. Today, Rob and I met up with Nancy and one of our Flickr contacts Katherine and her husband from Ontario. We of course went to Wharf Wraps down at the passage for lunch. It was very nice to meet up with them and they had plenty to talk about from their trip so far through the Maritimes. So now I am back at home and thinking about dreaded work tomorrow. 

A Walk on the Seabed at The Hopewell Rocks

One Tree Island - On route to Big Tancook Island
Groundhog Day - Taken Roadside in Fundy National Park

Point Wolfe Covered Bridge, Fundy National Park

The Drying Shed at The Tangled Garden

Wishing Stones Gallery, Big Tancook Island

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy Labor Day Weekend

Peggy's, Yesterday Evening
 (click to view larger)
Apologies for the lack of posting last week. I really haven't been up to much so I thought I would
save what little I did have to write about for this weekend.

So it's Labour Day Weekend here and officially the end of Summer, which I find very depressing. Fingers crossed though we have some lovely Fall weather to come. It's a long weekend here so it's nice to just recharge for the week ahead. Only 4 days and then I am off for another week.

I dragged Rob back to the Sunflowers again last weekend as the weather was beautifully sunny and I wanted to capture some different shots of them under blue skies rather than cloudy ones. Other than that we really haven't done a whole heck of a lot. Yesterday we took the boys for their annual check up at the vets. All looking good, Hamish did somewhat embarrass us though as he got very hissy after the vet tried to take his temperature!!! I guess I would get a bit hissy too if someone tried to take my temperature that way!!! Shakespeare is overweight...! He has to lose some, we never over feed him, but he does tend to pick at Hamish's food so we are going to have to watch that. Hamish got some new food which is supposed to help his brain and organs, he is getting a little senile of late and has vacant spells where he howls (blood curdling howls) and forgets where he is. We also bought him some essential oils spot of treatment, which is supposed to help his coat and skin. They really are the most pampered cats!

The visit to the vets took about a large part of the day, but later in the afternoon we decided to take a drive out to Peggy's Cove as we hadn't been this year. It was a very pleasant sunny evening.

As I shall be on Vacation from next weekend (more of a 'stay-cation' my next update may not be for 2 weeks).

'Sun & Cloud...Computing' Rob distracted on his iPhone
'Follow Me'

'Leader of the Pack'

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Another quiet week, and after the short 4 day week last week, this one seemed to go on forever.
Thursday was Rob's 50th, but we didn't do anything on Thursday, instead we went out for our usual fish and chip supper at Wharf Wraps with Anne and Smiffy. They bought Rob some pressies one of which was a pair of badminton rackets as we have mentioned before that we might use out front garden as a badminton court (of sorts) as it is just the right size for knocking a shuttlecock around on. So now all we need is a net :o)

On Saturday Rob and I went out in the afternoon to Dakeyne Farm which is approximately an hour away near Hantsport. They have a gorgeous Sunflower Maize, I was supposed to go last weekend on a Photo Club field trip but the rumour was that the flowers weren't at their peak, so we waited until this weekend to go instead. They were very impressive, and so pretty. I took way too many photos, but here are a few of my favourites.

Sunny with a Chance of Rain

Life Cycle


Almost There

Colour Washed Vintage Postcard Sunflowers


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