Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Long Week

As the days are getting shorter, getting up in the mornings is definitely getting harder and harder.
Monday slipped by without incident, but Tuesday I woke up and couldn't balance at all. I was staggering around all over the place. Still determined to make it into work, I showered and dressed, but knew that there was no way I could drive, so reluctantly I phoned in and said that I was staying put. I phoned the nurse helpline to see if they might have any clue as to what was wrong, but after a ton of questions her only advise was to get to the doctor. I made an appointment for 3 pm and spent the day sat on the couch as I didn't want to lie down.

I felt a little better by 3 pm, so I drove to the docs. She checked me over, heart BP and my ears.
They think I had some sort of virus that caused the dizziness, but upon looking in my ears, my left one is completely blocked and she thought this might not be helping matters, so I have to get it syringed next week which will be nice...NOT!

On Friday Shakespeare went for the op! Rob dropped him off early in the morning and I picked him up after work with the help of Anne, who came with me as I couldn't remember how to get to the vet...Yes my sense of direction is no better since moving here.

I think it's fair to say that the girls at the practice had fallen in love with my little fella, he had been very spoiled and fussed all day. He managed to figure out how to unlock the kennel and escaped 4 times. They said they hadn't known a cat to be so unaffected by the op, it was like nothing had happened. They gave him a little bandanna to wear too....Slightly odd, pretty sure that Vets in the UK don't have this as an added extra :o) But he did look pretty darn cute in it.

*Top tip if you are moving over here with pets and need to seek out a vet. Try and get one outside of the city as you get more service for your money and generally they are a bit cheaper than in the city*

After he was back home he was like a cat possessed, he wouldn't stop running around. If possible he was more lively than normal. Anne stayed till about 9 ish and we watched the documentary 'You Been Trumped'. I hope at least some of you watched this in the UK last week. It was about Donald Trump and the land deal that he made in Scotland to build a golf course with no regard for the land or the people living there. I didn't much like the man anyway but this documentary incensed me.

Saturday Anne and I went out fairly early (for us) to take a few shots around Prospect and Terence Bay. The weather was so beautiful, warm and sunny...Just the way I like it. Shakespeare must have worn himself out because all day Saturday he was very calm and sleepy which was a blessed relief!

You will be pleased to hear the deer are back in town, I caught sight of them this week as I drove home from work one day, I saw about 10 of them grazing near the off ramp that leads down to our estate. I was thrilled to see them as they have been conspicuous by their absence all Spring and Summer.

Finally Birthday wishes go out this week to my friend Sylvie. I hope you had a wonderful day!!

Betweeen a Roack and a Hard Place at Lower Prospect

A Stunning view taken along the Road to Terence Bay
yesterday - Click to view Large

Another Autumnal shot from Shubie Park

Shakespeare recovering yesterday in his new bandanna

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Colour Everywhere

Well I think I definitely over did it last weekend as on Sunday my knee was swollen and I was in a great deal of pain, I spent the day icing it and hoping that it would feel better by Monday morning, but sadly it was no better so I had a rare sick day from work. I spent the day in bed with more ice on my knee. Thankfully by the evening it started to feel better and I was back and work on Tuesday.

The rest of the week was pretty non eventful. Smiffy popped round on Wednesday and we had a catch up on how he is getting on sorting out his new life, it is quite the challenge, as well we know but I think he is doing well on his check list!

I was looking forward to getting out at the weekend and capturing some more of the Fall colours, the trees suddenly turned almost overnight around the city, but Saturday was rather dreary, so I went shopping instead and got some new clothes (a rare event these days) for work. Overnight we had some rain and wind which I am happy to report cleared away on Sunday and as the grey gave way to some sun in the afternoon Rob and I headed back over to Shubie Park which I am completely in love with. Out of all the parks around the city it's definitely my favourite. The dog walkers were out in full force and most of them were trying to curb the enthusiasm of their 4 legged friends as they chased every squirrel in sight.

This Friday Shakespeare is going in for his little op...Poor little bugger doesn't know what's coming.
Knowing him though, I am sure he will get over it and will be mincing around in no time!

Natures Colour Chart

Bewitched...A gorgeous puss at the Pumpkin Farm

Autumn in County Cumberland

Beautiful Colours in Shubie Park

A Nice Place to Sit Awhile - Shubie Park

Sunday, October 14, 2012

In Search of Autumn

For a short week (with Thanksgiving last Monday), the days have been long it seems to have taken forever to get to the weekend.

I believe I left off last week on Saturday and the trip to get the clock. As I had been out so much last week I had no plans to go anywhere on Sunday, but the weather was just so beautiful, Rob and I took a quick trip to Shubie Park in Dartmouth, the light and the autumn colours around the lake looked stunning.

My work colleague and Newfie friend Sarah left this week to start another job, so that was pretty sad. I will miss her. another colleague who left about 2 months ago (Kathy) stopped by to tell everyone she was leaving Nova Scotia and heading off to Calgary where a new job awaits her. She had packed up everything and was leaving on Friday for the 5 day drive across Canada. Before she left though she gave me her phone, which I must say was extremely generous of her as it is a brand new Samsung Galaxy SIII smart phone. Now if you know me at all, you will know that I am not a mobile phone person, but I must say this rather lovely phone could convert me. I think it will take me a while though to stop hitting things inadvertently on the screen. I think my fingers are a bit sausage-like for touch screens. I do keep getting it out and playing with it though and I am sure I look like a complete numpty as I quite clearly don't know what I am doing half the time.

Friday was stock taking day and it was a long one. I think I got back from work at around 10.30 pm.
My legs and hip were arching like crazy, but it didn't deter me from heading out bright and early on Saturday morning with Rob and Nancy in search of Autumn colours. We spent a long time in Truro at Victoria Park, which is just beautiful, lovely colours and waterfalls. After that we traveled on towards Parrsboro (you may remember previous posts and images from this area), the colours were spectacular last Autumn, on Saturday, we did find some colour, but I don't think they were at there peak quite yet. It's been a funny Autumn so far with some areas full of colour and others yet to show.

Autumn at Shubie Park I

Autumn at Shubie Park II

Joseph Howe Falls, Victoria Park Truro

Roadside pumpkins for sale on route to Parrsboro

Picturesque Autumn - The Bird House Seat Edition

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Yes it's another long weekend here in Canada with it being Thanksgiving weekend.
As I mentioned last week I had a few days off and have been gallivanting around the province with my camera.

On Wednesday I was out with Nancy and we headed to the valley and Howard Dill's Pumpkin Farm. If you are an avid reader you will know I am a huge fan of this place. The weather was amazing, 22.5 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. We ended up taking Nancy's convertible and enjoyed the sun on our travels. After the farm we had a nice lunch in Wolfville at our favourite bar and then headed off to the Winery at Grand Pre.

Thursday I stayed at home and did some gardening whist waiting for the maintenance man to call round as we appear to have a leak in our roof, we noticed a damp patch on the ceiling in the (office bedroom). A chap called Dave turned up and had a look, they are going to patch the roof and re-paint our ceiling at some point in the near future...One of the perks of renting, not having to do all that crap yourself :o)

Friday I went out with Anne for the day and we headed off to the South Shore as Anne had not been to Stonehurst or Blue Rocks before. Before we got there though we stopped in Mahone Bay to check out the scarecrows and ended up wandering around the shops. I fell in love with a clock in my favourite shop and this caused me somewhat of a dilemma as it was quite pricey, I wanted it but should I buy it, after much faffing about I decided I wasn't going to...Not then anyway.

After realizing what the time was we had a quick lunch in the pub and then drove along to Stonehurst. Anne mentioned on route about a Tim Horton's Photo Comp that is running right now and we decided that she should definitely enter, you have to show yourself enjoying a Tim's coffee in your local area and what better backdrop to have than Blue Rocks (Image below).

Robert (Smiffy) Smith arrived for good on Thursday this week and to celebrate his arrival and mine and Rob's (12th) wedding anniversary (any excuse)...Anne, Rob, Robert and myself went out for dinner at Wharf Wraps for fish and chips. Great food and great company! Robert now has to get himself sorted out with a car, a job and a place to live...Just a few things to keep him busy!:o)

Now back to that clock! I couldn't let it go, so Rob and I headed back to Mahone Bay to get it on Saturday. It is now on the wall in the front room and I love it. It's pretty large with grungy, retro tin disc numbers and sounds terrible if I try and describe it so I will have to post a photo of it at some point.

Finally, birthday wishes go out this week to my best mate Sarah...Hope you had a great day!!!

The Pumpkin Bench

All Shapes & Sizes

Autumn Harvest

Howard Dill's Pumpkin Farm

Stonehurst, always beautiful!

Anne, Enjoying a Tim's at Blue Rocks


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