Sunday, September 30, 2012

A Moose on the Loose

A relatively quiet week here in rather rainy Nova Scotia.
The most exciting bit of news to hit the headlines this week was a young moose wandering round in the Fairview area of the city. A pretty rare sight for these parts, I didn't even no there were any moose near here. The only ones I have seen were in Cape Breton. The poor thing cause quite a stir, but was eventually sedated to be released in a less urban area. Click here to read more about it.

This weekend was the annual scarecrow festival in Mahone Bay which Rob and I had hoped to go to, but since the rain has been pretty much non stop we decided to give it a miss. The Bluenose II was also relaunched this weekend after a lengthy time in dock being rebuilt. It was a much anticipated event and large crowds braved the weather to watch it return to the water.

As for our week, not much to report. Anne came round on Saturday to see Shakespeare and I took full advantage of her visit to sunject her to yet more British humor including Green Wing, Miranda and Life's too Short. We decided to go for an impromptu Chinese meal, which was very good, but oh so filling. Shakespeare decided he was going to be on his bast behaviour and cuddled up to Anne for most of the evening not really showing his demonic side :o)

Next week I have 3 days off and if weather permits I plan to take a trip out with Nancy on one of the days and Anne on another, I am using up the last of my holiday before my anniversary date. Many companies round here run holiday time from the day you start with the company, so each year my holiday time runs from Oct 7 to Oct 7. With the Thanksgiving bank holiday coming up, on the following Monday that will give me nearly a week of in total...Yay!

Panmure Island Lighthouse, PEI

What a fabulous Beach at Thunder Cove, PEI

Woods Islands Lighthouse, PEI

Into the Blue

Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Tiring Week

Well that's one week back done and dusted. Work came hard this week after a lovely week away. I was up to my ears in billing and filing for 2 days catching up.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse so I pleased we had the good weather last week. It has pretty much rained solidly for the last 3 days, last night was torrential.

Before I left for vacation I was tasked with coming up with a design for a retail flyer to advertise the fact that we can do in store signage for local businesses. I was pretty pleased with the way it turned out, as was everyone else and that coupled with the fact I designed the full length window perfs for the new part of our company next door (8 windows in total) means that I am now getting a lot more design and marketing work to action. My next project is a billboard design. This is going to be my biggest challenge to date design wise as they are a breed apart from any other form or advertising. They have to be (in my opinion) uncluttered full of impact and straight to the point. Hence I updating the blog a day early so I can work on ideas tomorrow.

Rob and I attended camera club this week, there were a whopping 98 people in attendance. It was nice to at least see some of my friends, although it was so busy I didn't get to catch up with all of them.

The cats have settled back into their routines now thankfully, although Hamish is still making that terrible yelling noise from time to time. I still reckon he ramped it up even louder to be heard in the kennels.

I didn't mention in my last post about Celebrity Big Brother...I watched the final and was thrilled to see Julian Clary win, he was without doubt the best candidate int he house. What a lovely man.

Loads of telly coming up to watch, over here Survivor began this week right after BB USA finished. (Again the best person won in the American version too). Dancing with the stars starts next week and Strictly is back on in the UK in the next couple of weeks as well. So that should keep my reality pangs at bay for the next few months!

We will also have a new arrival in Nova Scotia on October 4. Robert, our friend and fellow Brit will be making his way across the Atlantic on his one way ticket. Really looking forward to seeing him and going for fish and chips!

Below are some more photos from our week away, including a friendly fox. PEI has many foxes and they are almost tame, this one came right up to the car as we were heading out of Cavendish beach one evening.

There are also photos of two more lighthouses, one of which is West Point Lighthouse which has to be my most favourite. The beach is lovely there and the lighthouse is superb, It has a beautiful inn attached to the back of it. A gorgeous place to stay and fall asleep to the sound of the ocean. I would love to stay there on my next visit to the island.

Finally, Happy Birthday to my friend Pam, and good luck to my friend Kim who will be running the Bristol Half Marathon for St Margaret's Somerset Hospice next weekend. If any of you reading would like to support her please follow this link and donate online:

Friendly Fox on the Scrounge
West Point Lighthouse

The Red Window
New London Lighthouse

Sunday, September 16, 2012

PEI, Lighthouses & Someone Famous!

We are back from a wonderful week in PEI. I had forgotten how much I loved the place. It's a long posting for the blog, but worth the read, so make a cuppa and put your feet up! 

For those of you not familiar with the island, it is famous for potato growing (it is the home of McCain's), Anne of Green Gables and many, many lighthouses. Not only that, it has some of the most beautiful beaches in North America. Everything there is so pristine and manicured, every lawn looks immaculate and weedless. The countryside is very much like the UK with endless hills and sweeping pastures. Another interesting little thing we found was that the island has embraced the concept of electric vehicles, although still in its infancy, there are recharging stations across the island. When the locals aren't busy mowing their lawns or fishing I am guessing they must be picking up any trace of litter as there is none anywhere. It's a place where you really don't have to lock your doors.

Our first day and arrival on the island was beautifully sunny, we took our time getting to the Motel, which was located just outside of Cavendish on the North Shore. We stopped at a couple of harbours and a lighthouse on route (one of 22 lighthouses we hunted out during the week).

The next day was gloomy and got worse throughout the day as we caught the tale end of Hurricane Leslie. It was extremely muggy with a warm wind and in the afternoon the rain was torrential. It didn't let up all afternoon, and pretty much put an end to doing anything, although we did visit the Anne of Green Gables Museum at Park Corner. This is one of many Anne attractions you can visit. The following day the rain and gloom continued into the morning, but thankfully it cleared away by the afternoon and from then on it was a blue sky week with temperatures around 24 degrees, I think I topped up my tan a little with all the walking around we did.

We did all three scenic drives on the island, and took in pretty much every inch of coastline. You can see how the island is divided up into easy to follow routes on the small map below. Click on the map to find out more about the island and these drives.

So many highlights, too many to mention here, but I pretty much have a favourite lighthouse on every route. Some the the best beaches I was mentioning earlier are along the Central and Points East drives along the northern shore. I think it's safe to say that there are at least three spots we found that would be perfect for a holiday home. Now all we need is that lottery win!

We headed back home yesterday, quite reluctantly it must be said and we opted to get the ferry back rather than driving back across the Confederation Bridge. When visiting the island you only pay when you leave. It costs around $70.00 for the ferry and around $52.00 to take the bridge taxes in (but what you save in fare you lose in fuel as you have to come back further from New Brunswick). Anyhow I digress...We took the one o'clock ferry and headed straight for the canteen as we were pretty hungry. Once we had sat down and were tucking in, I was slightly distracted by some people sat on the next table. I thought one chap with a Scottish accent looked familiar and then dismissed the idea, my thoughts were randomly drifting as my eyes moved to the left of the Scottish fellow, not really noticing the other man sitting next to him, I was staring past him out of the window, then suddenly my eyes fixed back on him, the backlight from the window wasn't helping and I must have pulled some pretty weird faces as I began the 'is that...?' question in my head and slowly I began to mutter....'Oh my god', then again slightly louder, 'oh my god' which point Rob was curious as to what I was oh my godding about and said 'can you see the lighthouse?' I said 'no', and I think I also said 'oh my god' one more time, before grinning inanely, at which point man I had been fixating on said hello, I then giggled and blurted out loudly, 'I thought it was you, but I couldn't quite tell against the light'...And there he was...Robson Green. Apologies at this point in proceedings to all Canadians and Americans reading this blog (I know you are you out there, I check my stats) as you will have no clue who this man is. But to my loyal following in the UK...especially some of my female friends, I am guessing you would have been as excited as I was! I was in a heck of a state by this time and was trying so hard not to keep looking over but Rob will tell you, I was beyond excited.

After a short while he and a couple of his crew, got up and headed for the deck, as he went past he tapped me on the shoulder and I said to him, I have to ask, what are you doing on the PEI ferry bound for Nova Scotia? He said he was making an around the world documentary on extreme fishing, which you may or may not know he presents on Channel 5. This documentary will be out later in the year. After Rob and I had finished eating we too went up on deck where Robson was being filmed just relaxing on the deck with a book. I was rummaging around in my camera bag for my camera to take a shot of him but before I could get organised he was up and moving again, as he came past I asked him if I could get a photo with him blurting out my mother-in-law Moira (yes you Moira) is a huge fan and then remembered to add on the end, that I was too. He kindly obliged and Rob took the photo. Which I am sort of posting here, I couldn't have looked any worse so I have cropped most of myself out, sadly my many chins are still included. Never mind extreme fishing, he bagged a bloody whale on this ferry ride! Now ladies, so you get the full Robson experience...He is as lovely as he is on TV, he eyes really are that blue, he is taller than me and he smells gorgeous!

A very exciting end to the trip. If any of you had seen me you would have killed yourself laughing.
After the photo had been taken I had several Canadians come up to me and ask me if he was famous and what did he do, so I proudly spouted on about his TV career still buzzing from the whole encounter.

Now remember the last famous person I documented seeing was Bob Geldof at Gatwick airport the day we emigrated. Famous people be warned, I spot you, no matter where you are :o)

After we dumped all the bags and I chucked some washing in the machine we headed off to pick up the cats. They were pretty pleased to be home and out of that boarding kennel I can tell you. It took them a while to settle down but I think they are back on track now although Hamish has now developed an even louder meow than he had before, it now borders on insane! Next time we go away I am booking them into the Cat's Inn, it looks a damn sight nicer than this last place and there is no way I am putting them back in there again.

I took a whole heap of photos this past week, the editing will be lengthy, so I will post a few at a time, here are some to kick things off....And Robson of course!

Cape Bear Lighthouse - Marconi Museum Inside

Bagnall Mill Hunter River

Evening light on the shacks at French River

The Chowder House at Point Prim

Robson Green, Me & the Chins!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Done Nothing!

Yep, it's been another socially baron week. It's the long Labour Day weekend here, hence I didn't update the blog yesterday as I knew I could do it today instead.We were going to visit Anne who is camping at Rissers Beach but the check out time was lunchtime and there was no way we would have made it down there in time.

Saturday we took the boys to the vet. Shakespeare had his booster jabs done and Hamish had to get his eye looked at as we think he got it scratched somehow, so he has some ointment to go it for a week now.  Rob and I also went to check out the kennels we are leaving them in next week when we go away. It seems okay, but I am just not happy about putting them in kennels, so it really didn't matter how good it was! I just hope they aren't too grumpy with us when we come home.

Rob and I have a 4 day week and then we are off to PEI for a well earned break., I am really looking forward to it as I haven't taken any photos (except for the cats) in a while now.

Hamish is adjusting to life with his new buddy, he has started to play more now and is tolerating the annoyance of Shakespeare tapping him at any given opportunity.

So this will be my last update for a couple of weeks now, hopefully upon our return I will have plenty to chat about and lots of new photos to share, but until then, you will have to enjoy yet another photo of our new edition!

Easy like Sunday...Or Bank Holiday Monday Morning...
Asleep on Rob's Pillow!


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