Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nasty Nails

Well here we are again, it's Sunday and it's late and I have yet to write this post, so I had better get a move on.

Luckily I have little to report, the weather has been 'full on' sunny again all week, thankfully though the humidity seems to have let up and it's just rather lovely!

Shakespeare's anitcs at night have continued to keep me awake on the hour every hour, so by Friday my eyes were hanging out my head. I was thrilled to have a bit of a lie in yesterday and today.

During the week two of my closest work buddies and I were outside taking a break and I mentioned that I must get the razor out and get rid of the hairs on my toes...To which they laughed and said, never mind the hairs, sort those bloody toenails out...! How very rude, but oh so funny and true.

I am not a fan of feet, and I really don't like dealing with my own, my toenails have a tendancy to curl into ingrowing looking toenails and they aren't very appealing, plus where I broke one of my toes recently I think the nail is gradually coming off, is just looks darker than the rest and seems to be growing lop sided. So this comment was all the incentive I needed to get a pedicure this weekend and oh what a transformation, they look so good. I think this is something I might just do on a more regular basis from now on.

Nancy has been away on her travels around Newfoundland, so I have been missing her the last couple of weeks, thankfully she is back now and we had the chance to catch up at the lake on Saturday, we had a lovely swim and I got to meet another friend of her's called Norma. The water was so warm, and someone has thoughtfully cleared some of the larger rocks out of the way where we enter.

Today Rob and I returned to the lake as the weather was again sunny and hot, we spent a couple of hours just swimming and sitting out in the sun.

Next weekend is a long weekend as it's Labour Day. So I am looking forward to that. Shakespeare has to go to the vets on Saturday for his booster jabs, but other than that no plans as yet.

I am enjoying Celeb BB, I suspect none of you are wathcing except Sarah possibly! Julian Clary to win!! I see that Dallas the new series (which I have now seen over here) starts this week in the UK on Channel 5....Go on people give it go, it's great!!!

Until next weekend I will leave you with yet another photo of my new little fury friend!

Just how cute!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Havoc Reigns Supreme!

Well I don't know what kind of week you have all had, but mine has been pretty tiring. The heat has been killer. The humidity has just about finished me off.

I took Monday off work to settle in Shakespeare a little bit more before leaving him in lock up in the spare room during the day. Hamish has got a little better throughout the week, but has still launched the odd attack and hissed endlessly at him. We have kept them separate at night, until last night, when I thought I would try them both together on our bed. As soon as the lights went off, Shakespeare did settle down, but he couldn't decide who he wanted to cuddle up with more, Rob or me, and every few minutes butted his nose into our noses. This went on for a while and then he decided that I was definitely more fun to keep awake, so there was plenty of squeaking and butting on the hour every hour. Needless to say I am knackered today.

I don't really have too much else to report, all news has been centred around the chaos in the house.
Rob and I did manage to get out yesterday to the photo club annual BBQ for a couple of hours, which was quite relaxing!

Photography seems to have gone out the window until thins settle down here. I have been watching Celeb BB of course and loving it so far. Julian Clary, Martin Kemp or Julie Goodyear to win for me! Of course it's early days and I could change my mind. There seem to be a lot of fillers in there, and I am annoyed to Colleen Nolan in there! What is it about the Loose Women Crew, if one does Dancing on Ice the other has to follow, and now the same with BB.

Power napping, it's been a hard week!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Kitty

So I made a decision about getting the kitten! It didn't take me too long at all. I said yes by Tuesday and had all the arrangements in place by Wednesday.

Now conisdering last Monday was a bank holiday and I only had 4 days to work to get through before the weekend rolled around and I could pick him up, those 4 days seemed like an eternity. Every day this week dragged and all I could think about was the cat.

Finally Saturday and off Rob and I went to get him. The ladies at the Fisherman's life museum had kept in the house so we didn't have to hunt him down. I think they were secretly sad to see the little fella go. We chatted with them for a while and I cuddled him, he was/is so adorable. Finally we said our goodbyes and put him in the car. We left the carrier door open to see how he would take to being in the car and he loved it, good as gold. Stayed mostly in the carrier and watched to the world go by.

We then headed striaght to a local vet I had booked and had all his jabs and blood test done. He passed with flying colours and didn't bat an eyelid. The vet herself was quite taken with him and how placid and well behaved he was. He has to have his boosters in about 3 weeks time.

By the time we were on the home straight to Dartmouth Shakespeare was happily sitting on my lap in the car. Then came the tricky bit...Introducing the young whipper snapper to my mature deaf cat Hamish. It didn't go well and hasn't gone well since, Shakespeare has been hissed at numerous times and been attacked twice, even though he has been respectctful and of Hamish's space, plus he is too scared to go anywhere near him. It's early days of course but for now Shakespeare is sleeping in the spare room at night and is supervised at all other times to keep him out of harms way.

Shakespear is litter trained and perfectly well behaved except for one thing. When we have food he launches himself like a rocket and dives pretty much head first into our plates. Something that will deifnitely have to be controlled. He is into everything and curls up under my chin to sleep. He sucks at whatever top I am wearing and truly thinks I am his

I don't have anymore photos yet, I haven't had time to get the camera out as yet, but I am off work tommorrow so I will try and get a few of him at his cutest.

In other news, just watched the closing ceremony of the Olympics. What an amazing show, incredible selection of music and what a superb spectacle. Loved it all. I actually preferred the closing ceremony to the opening one. Makes me proud to be a Brit! I think this past year has tuly been amazing for Britain, with the Royal Wedding, the Jubilee and the Olympics. No one does pomp and celebration like the Brits. I think Rio will have a lot to live up to in 4 years time.

Finally Birthday wishes go out again this week to my Dad! Another year older, but still none the wiser :o)))

Monday, August 6, 2012

Happy Natal Day!

Sorry Folks, I am a day late this week! It's Natal Day weekend here, so today is a bank holiday and as you can imagine I wasn't hanging around inside when I could be out and about doing other stuff.

This week on Wednesday Rob and I had a rare night out on a 'School night' we headed over to the Lower Deck in Halifax to see the band Signal Hill (We love them and haven't see them play in ages). The reason we were there is to meet up with two ladies we mat way back in May 2010 Linda and Brenda were visiting from Alberta and met us about a week after we landed here. They were back in town for another vacation and this time they had their cousin Bonnie with them. Think it's fair to say a large amount of beer was drunk. Rob and I had to leave before the end of the night sadly, to get the ferry back over to Dartmouth. When asked if they were coming again in another 2 years, they said it was our turn to go visit them :o) Brenda, Linda, if you are reading this, I hope you managed to stagger back to the hotel okay!

Saturday was hellishly hot, so I actually didn't do much all day. Rob and I headed out later in the evening to watch the Natal Day fireworks, they were pretty impressive as always.

Yesterday myself, Cheryl, Anne, Deb and Angie went out for the day along the Eastern Shore, the scenery was lovely, the humidity was not! It was a weird weather day, very sunny for the most part and then later on it got foggy, but it was still very humid.

We visited the Memory Lane the 1950's Museum and The Fisherman's Life Museum....And that is where my ongoing dilemma began. I met the most beautiful kitten there. Deb said all she saw was my arse stuck in the air and she guessed I had found a cat. This little chap was so incredibly endearing. He is male and his sister has just been re-homed, so he is lonely and looking for company. He loved being cuddled and fussed and had the sweetest nature, so gentle and adorable. The ladies at the museum want him to be re-homed, and I want to home him. I couldn't just say yes, so I have spoken to Rob and we are going to find out how much it cost to get him all his jabs and his op. Then we will make a decision. I know he will be such a brilliant cat based on his personality.

They said they would keep him for me until after we go away in September if need be. Which would be a help. The only thing that is really holding me back is Hamish. I don't know how he will react to another cat around now. Hamish had a visit to the vet this week and he has been officially diagnosed as deaf. He cannot hear anything at all. This of course broke my heart. There is nothing that can be done. His deafness came on very suddenly in the last few weeks and this is apparently quite common with older cats. Hamish has just celebrated his 15th Birthday!

So watch this space to find out what we decide. If the little kitten does join the White household his name will be Shakespeare. In the last 2 years I have met many potential Shakespeare's, but I think this one could be the one!

After the girls dragged me away from the cat, we headed to Anne's parent's place on the waterfront. Gorgeous place, lovely neighbours and great deck. We had a wonderful evening and a superb dinner cooked by Anne's mum. We were hoping to capture the sunset there but the fog put an end to that.

Natal Day (A composite of the fireworks and the city)

Could this be the new member of the White household?

He is pretty hard to resist!

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