Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Long Day Out

I am so late updating the blog today!
Haven't really been up to much all week, just work of course which as ever is keeping me busy.

We have had our first decent rainfall of the Spring. As much as I hated it and the powerful wind that came with it, the ground and plants did need it. It's amazing how one good down pour can make all the difference, I can now see buds and even a few leaves on the trees.

Saturday's weather was cold and bleak, but today the sun was shining, so Nancy, Deb, Cheryl and myself took advantage of this and headed out on a road trip to see if we could find some more abandoned houses to shoot. I am happy to report the trip was successful and we revisted a few old ones and found some new ones. We had lunch in Tatamagouche at a place called Big Al's. What a great place and a lovely man. The food was fab and I would highly reccomend it if you are ever passing through that way.

As our road trip turned into a back lane marathon and we were on the road for around 13 hours, I haven't really had the chance to look at my images yet, the only one I have processed is featured below, it's of The Train Station Inn at Tatmagouche. You may remember me mentioning this place before. The cabooses are the accomodation. The original station area was restored in the 1980's and I for one would love to spend a night there.

In other news, petrol went down 6 cents this week (Robert said I should mention this as it's not news you would normally here in the UK!) I have also entered a Getty run competition to win a new camera, so keep your fingers crossed for me...(Slim to no chance but nothing ventured nothing gained).

The Train Station Inn Platform at Tatamagouche

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Medical Matters

It' been a weird week this week. I had a day off on Thursday, I wish I could say it was an enjoyable day, but I had to go to the doctors and the dentist, so it was functional rather than pleasurable.

I had to go to see the doctor to get an implant removed from my arm. The implant is a contraceptive implant and it is common practice in the UK, it stays in the arm for 3 years, before it needs replacing. I was told by my doctor in the UK not to worry about getting it out and having another one put in as they have them in! this is not true. They have never heard of them here!! As it was due out this month I arranged with my doctor for him to 'have a go' at removing it. It was pretty funny!

He got himself all kitted out with everything he thought he would need, pumped in some local anesthetic into my arm and off he went, there was much mumbling and him and after quite some time and him breaking into a sweat he got it out. He was so excited, he couldn't wait to show the rest of the practice this weird and wonderful thing, if I didn't know better I think he might actually frame it.

So if there are any women in the UK reading this that have one and are moving to NS, then I know of at least one doctor who can get it out for you.

The dentist was a breeze in comparison, just a clean and I was good to go. Although I am still clenching my teeth at night...I have no idea why, but have been since I had those fillings put in last November, so I might need a bite thing made next time I go.

Saturday Rob, Nancy, Dave and myself decided to go out for a drive to Cape D'or Lighthouse, but as we left later than we planned we didn't actually get there, time and the weather were definitely against us, so we only managed to get as far as Parrsboro. I got to show them some of my favourite photo spots along the way and we managed to get some half decent photos I think. Regardless of the weather and not getting where we are going we had a great time and some good laughs along the way.
Abandoned Home Near Parrsboro

Dusk at Peggy's Cove

A Postcard from Terence Bay - Re-Editing an Old Shot

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Going Getty

Blimey it's been a long and busy week. My news is once again sparse, I have struggled on with the mother of all head colds since Tuesday. I was so ill on Wednesday...Or I must have looked so ill that they sent me home from work. My eyes have been streaming and my head was so bunged up it was almost unbearable. However, having rested most of the day on Saturday I am feeling slightly more human again now.

My big news, if you can call it that, this week is the fact that I have finally given in and signed up with Getty Images. If you are unaware of who or what they are they are the leaders in stock photography. Through Flickr I was asked to join up ages ago and did nothing about it, what put me off, and still does, is the exclusivity rules of submitting work to them but as I am not selling my work anywhere right now I figured what the heck. My good friend Nancy has been signed up for quite some time and sells regularly on there making a couple of hundred dollars a month on average, so fingers crossed some of my images might just sell and make me a few quid. Initially they wanted 9 images, as soon as I got them processed through the system (which is time consuming and very boring) I was then asked for another 78 images, so you can imagine what I have been doing with most of my spare time!

Rob and I managed a quick jaunt out on Sunday afternoon/evening. The sun was shining, albeit a little on the breezy side, so we popped along to Peggy's Cove to see what the sunset would be like, as you can see, it was pretty nice!

Peggy's Sunset, taken on Sunday evening

The Potting Shed...Get it? Taken at New Harbour

Island Life, what a place to live, taken from Bush Island

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter!

And finally a Bank Holiday! Hope you are all enjoying the long weekend. Of course it is not as long here in Nova Scotia, we only get Good Friday not Easter Monday. But it's all swings and roundabouts, as on the plus side we get other bank holidays in May, June, August....etc.

As it was  Easter weekend and Rob wasn't working (for a change), we treated ourselves to a Chinese meal on Thursday night, I had serious cravings again! The weather was gorgeous on Good Friday so Rob and I headed out and made our way to Oaklawn Zoo in Aylesford. It boasts the biggest collection of big cats and other animals in Eastern Canada. It was in my opinion a disappointment. The animals were great, but from a photography stand point the double layers of fencing and cages were a complete waste of time. There are however, a couple of places within the zoo where you can get up close and personal. I made a new best friend in the Lama enclosure, I think it quite liked the fuss and was pretty relaxed. Rob decided it would be extremely funny to capture the moment and my double chin! Thanks Rob!

After leaving the zoo we drove in Berwick (Apple Capital of NS) for a spot of lunch and then decided to explore some back roads, to Harbourville, which was a pretty neat little place I had not been to before, and then on to Halls Harbour which Robert hadn't been to. Both places are very, very similar!

The rest of the weekend weather isn't worth shouting about and I cannot see us venturing out anywhere else, so I am updating the blog a day earlier.

Birthday wishes go out to my brother Clive and friend Sarah Beckerleg, who both celebrated birthdays this last week.

Silka Deer

Gotta Love those teeth!

Finally signs of Life!!

Tilting and Abandoned beach cottage at Harbourville

The Lama, me... and my chins!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Really...No News!

If you thought previous entries were bad, this one has to beat all, I have been nowhere and done nothing except work of course. I think the most excitement this week was Rob and I getting an A&W burger on Tuesday evening, and I might add it scored low on my burger faves. Here are my preferences in order:

1) Wendy's 2) Burger King 3) McDonald's 4)A&W

The weather has been on and off again this week, we have seen some snow flurries, but nothing much, certainly nothing that has settled. I have noticed the grass is starting to come back to life and there are hints of green everywhere. One of the things I noticed last year when Spring finally kicked into gear were the amazing vivid colours, with everything being so dead, bare and straw-like the contrast is amazing as the colour returns, the green grass and the new leaves on the trees are almost blinding. I cannot wait.

TV, definitely worth a mention, I have started watching the UK version of The Voice. Remember I told you all about it over here about a year ago, fantastic series, and although I had some reservations about the judges on the UK show, I think they work pretty well. The big difference between the US and the UK is the fact the judges in the UK seem to be button happy, spinning their chairs around at every given opportunity, over here they are far, far more picky. I do think Will I Am has the right idea when it comes to selection, he doesn't seem to jump the gun as much.

Until next time here are some photo taken last weekend.

Getting over the Hump of Winter

A Postcard from Northwest Cove

Red Hut, Yellow Hut

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