Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Snow

So here's me thinking that we weren't going to get any snow until December! On Tuesday night they forecast a snow storm coming in that was going to affect pretty much all of the Province except coastal areas which would receive a lot of rain instead. I was thinking, well it will be rain here then. Woke up Wednesday no sign of snow, drove to work and by 8.30am the white stuff was coming down!

They always say here, small flakes big amount of snow. These were small flakes and they kept on coming the whole day. The driving outside looked tricky to say the least. I ended up getting a lift home and leaving my car at work, just as well as the roads were chaos. I think in total there were 60 accidents on the roads. The main reason being that many people have not changed over their summer tires to winter ones (we changed ours at least 3 weeks ago). In total around 35cm of snow fell, it was pretty impressive. Yet as fast as it came it went, the temperatures are so mild again, it has been melting ever since. I think we are back up to double digits now.

Sorry I don't have any photos of the snow for you, but I haven't really had the time to take any shots until today, and now it really isn't worth the effort.

Robert had to drive home in that weather, he found it a little tense to say the least. His motto was to keep going no matter what because once you stop, you're stuck, well the ironic thing about his journey was that he very nearly did get stuck thanks to a snow plough who was wheel spinning in the middle of the road.

Nothing else to report, all very quiet here. Rob and I bought a Vacuum Cleaner this week it was on sale and a very good deal, so I have been making the most of it and cleaning the house from top to bottom. It's pretty hard to keep things clean when it gets to this time of year with all the weather and salt being tramps in through the house.

Mount Uniake Estate

Autumn Lines - Trees in Smileys Provincial Park

Woman in Red...Nancy

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I Knew It Wouldn't Last!

My blog entry last weekend definitely jinxed the weather. It went from mild to cold on Thursday and we had some flurries Friday! However the flakes barely touched the ground before disappearing in the city. In other parts however, they had little more that settled before melting on Saturday afternoon.

It's been a mentally draining kind of a week, my energy levels are pretty low and I am sure that the beginnings of Winter have something to do with that.

I am no longer a dental virgin when it comes to fillings, I had my first two this week on Tuesday. I headed off to the dentist with dread and a headache like you wouldn't believe. Having got there they were running late which didn't help my nerves any. Once in the chair Dr Sharma talked me through the freezing process and injected the back of my lower left jaw first, as she did so she told me not to move, MY GOD, a pain like the worst electric shock ever hit me like a ton of bricks and I DID MOVE at which point the whole left side of my bottom lip when instantly numb. Remember that headache...I didn't have it anymore, the other pain cancelled it out in a split second. Then she injected the top set, and off she went drilling, scraping and lord knows what!...I blissfully, didn't feel a thing.

When it was all done, and she removed all the tools of torture from my mouth, I tried speaking and it was not pretty...I sounded like Jeff Bridges on Crack! One lip seemed to be going one way and the other in the opposite direction. My left side of my tongue felt like something dead you would buy from the butcher. I think her exact words were "you look fine, well maybe a little droopy". I settled up at the the front desk after yet more weird mouth movements and then used the toilet, when I looked in the mirror I could see what she meant by droopy!

Having driven home, my headache was back. As soon as I got in I grabbed some water and a tablet, I tried to carefully drink the water on the right side of my mouth and just as soon as it was in there, it flew straight out of the left side...Even I had to laugh at that. I then heated up some soup, that I thought went well, slurping and going to the end of the bowl, of course I didn't realise that most of was on my face!

You will be pleased to know that the feeling came back about 4 hours later...Phew! I opted for white fillings and I kid you not, you cannot see them at all, they are so invisible I still haven't found one of them. My teeth look better than ever :o)

Rob has been working really hard all week, now the colder weather is here his hours seem to be longer and longer, most of the time he gets back later in the evening and from now until Christmas he is working Saturdays as well. I think he is nearing his next exam in oil, which fingers crossed he will pass...No date as yet, but will keep you posted.

Nancy and I headed out on Saturday, it was chilly but beautifully sunny. We found some pretty scenes along the way. We headed up to Mount Uniake and then on to Smileys Provincial Park and finally into Wolfville for a bite to eat and to pop into one of our favourite gift shops there.

Nr Lakelands, Mount Uniake (Taken yesterday morning)

The Farley Inlet - Stonehurst (Taken a couple of weeks ago)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Summer in November...It Won't Last!

So what's been happening this week...Well, the weather has been absolutely gorgeous, Monday to Thursday it was like summer in November, I kid you not it has been t-shirt weather all week...Until Friday. Friday was a Bank Holiday as it was Remembrance Day. As with any Bank Holiday in the UK, the weather took a turn for the worse and we encountered the tail end of a hurricane. The wind and rain was pretty much non-stop all day, what leaves there were left on the trees now seem to be mostly in our back yard!!! The good news was as soon as it came it went again and we were back to sun again on Saturday and Today.

Saturday morning Rob and I went to meet up with my newest friend Lucia. I met Lucia at Gatwick Airport when I was returning from holiday. She is originally from Slovenia and lives with her English partner Simon over here in Halifax now. We hit it off straight away and as I had a 5 hour delay returning home we had plenty of time to chat and get to know each other. She totally gets me and understands some of the frustrations when it comes to adapting over here, especially with regards the job market. She works for an expanding firm and it constantly keeping an ear out for me which is nice. We met up at the Farmers Market (which is huge and not the best place to meet anyone), it was great to catch up and she got to meet Rob, hopefully her and Simon will be popping round at some point in the near future.

Today I decided ankles or no...I couldn't miss the sunshine, so Cheryl, myself and Deb headed off to Peggy's Cove early this morning. What a beautiful day, so warm, no wind, and so peaceful. If you don't believe me check out the images below.

Some of you may be wondering about the ankles. They are still the same and I am still awaiting a phone call for an appointment. I have started trying to shift a bit of weight, not so much of a diet full on, but cutting out all the crap I have been eating of late and moving more into the soups & healthier foods. No more Tim's for a while at least!!

Finally, I must comment on Big Brother...Let's face it, it wouldn't be me if I didn't...

So Aaron won, He was my winner pretty much from week two, and I am thrilled he won, finally a winner to be proud of, intelligent, some might say crafty and a game player, I say well done, you fooled them all and played the game well. He entertained me throughout the whole show and I was disgusted that he was booed upon leaving the house as the winner. Not fair, he won, and he should be celebrated. Sorry Sarah, I know you were routing for Alex, but honestly Aaron was more entertaining.

Anyway I have enclosed a little video of an Aaron interview recorded after he managed to escape the booing masses and the dreadful Brian Dowling interview.

A Gorgeous Sunny Sunday at Peggy's

Morning Stillness on Route to Peggy's

Sunday, November 6, 2011


A mixed bag this week and not too much to report.Halloween came and went on Monday, I rushed home from work and the trick or treating had already begun, even witht he extra candy we bought we still managed to run out but thankfully not before the last kid had come and gone. The whole thing was done and dusted by 7.30 pm and by our calculations we had about 150 kids round in the end. Rob donned his scream mask once again for the event, but only managed to scare about 3 kids this time round.

Recently more and more I have been having trouble with my ankles, my archilles tendons is where the pain is and especially first thing in the morning I have trouble walking. The pain does seem to get better throughout the day but never goes away and I am always aware of it. Enough was enough this week and I went to the doctor. There are lumps on both ankles and my doctor seems alarmed by this. he said this is not normal and is going to schedule me in for a sonogram to find out what is wrong with them. In the meantime I have been told to be extremely careful how I walk as the tendons could snap at anytime.

As you can imagine this has left me somewhat shellshocked and I have spent the whole weekend worrying about what this could mean. Rob got me some slip on ankle supports yesterday, and if nothing else they did make me feel a tad more secure in walking about. I will have to wait and see what the outcome of all this is.

Needless to say any plans I had for going out and taking photographs this weekend, I put on hold. Rob and I did however go out with Marg and Tom last night to a dance at the airbase, it was a fundraising even held by Seaside FM, and although I didn't shake my ass on the dance floor the music was very enjoyable. All 50's and 60' music mainly.

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