Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter!

Yes it's the long weekend finally, here's wishing you all a Happy Easter.

As for me, well as you can imagine I have been taking advantage of the weather and the holiday. Rob and I headed out on Friday to Digby and the surrounding area. We haven't been there since we were on holiday over here back in 2005. The journey takes about 3 hours from where we live, broken up of course, by Tim's stops for tea and donuts!

On route we stopped a place called Annapolis Royal. Neither of us had been to this spot before and it is now in my top ten. It's like a mini Lunenburg, with some gorgeous houses and a real old world feel. The place was deserted but for a handful of people. We spared a thought for you all in the UK with the bank holiday traffic! I think we saw about as many cars as people all day which amounted to one or two!

We also stopped at Bear River, another place I was itching to get back and photograph. It's actually a Mik'Maw, first nation community, very pretty once again, and the main buildings across the bridge are all on stilts.

The day was a long one and we didn't get back till gone 8.30pm, so I was pretty out of it all today. I was supposed to be going out with Melissa but she called and canceled as she too was tired.

Tomorrow I am hoping to get out locally in the late afternoon as we are due some rain in the morning. So I thought I should update this now while I had a few moments.

By the time I update the blog again there will be a new royal in the family. Enjoy the bonus day off!

Colourful Muskoka chairs at Annapolis Royal

Picturesque homes at Annapolis Royal

Bear River

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Halls Harbour

Here we again, Sunday and I have been catching up on correspondence. The time has just flown by and I thought I had better post a quick update.

Not much to report this end, the weather has been up and down all week, sunny one day, rainy the next. I think the temperatures are still a tad on the cooler side than what they should be for right now and I must say I have been envying the lovely hot temperatures you have been having over in the UK.

The Royal Wedding is fast approaching and the TV coverage and pre-amble is reaching fever pitch here. So funny. I think the Canadians (and Americans) are far more into our Royal Family than we are! I am sure you will all be glued to the occasion on the TV!!!

My server has broken here and Clive has been advising us on how to fix it. It's in a repair shop right now, and they are doing a quote on what it would cost to fix it this end...Money we simply don't have right now, so hopefully with the parts we have here we will be able to patch it up.

Took a trip out with Melissa yesterday to Halls Harbour. I had not been there before, so another first for me. Lovely little spot. The tide was out, and I will definitely be heading back that way to get some more shots of it when the tide is in.

Halls Harbour...Of Course there is a red hut there!

Low Tide at Halls Harbour

One more shot from the trip out last week at Burntcoat Head

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Burncoat Head

Sunday again...I have no idea where the time goes, but I do know I spend most of Sundays playing catch-up before starting a whole new week. The weather here this weekend has been beautiful. Sadly though I think rain and plenty of it is on the cards for this week.

I am pleased to say that I sold another licence for one of my images this week. A chocolate company in Newfoundland found me online and requested to use one of my Peggy's Cove images for their chocolate boxes. I think it was a one off, but it would be nice if they found them needing more images in the future.

Rob and I attended the camera club on Wednesday night and did some catching up with people. Plans were made for an outing on Saturday, which I went on yesterday. It was a full day, which meant an early start (groan) and we visited some Belgian Show horses, then headed on to some of the more rural parts of the Truro area. I had the opportunity to pop in on Shady Lane Farm, one of my favourite places, where Rob and I stayed before we moved out here. I finally got to drop in and say hello, which I have been meaning to do for quite sometime now, plus I got to take some more photos of this wonderful place. Sadly they are no longer running the bed and breakfast there. Betty and John's Son and wife now live in the house at the top of the farm where we stayed.

We then headed to a place called Burntcoat Head. A new place for me, situated on the Fundy Shore Line, famous for it's high tides and red mud! Very similar to the Hopewell Rocks on the New Brunswick side of the water. We stayed there until sunset, and we weren't disappointed. In the time that we where there the tide went out completely so that you could walk on the seabed across to the rocky island. Quite incredible the speed at which the water recedes.

Shady Lane Farm

Sunset at Burntcoat Head

Just another old barn along the way

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Surf's Up

I had a trip to the dentist this week for my scale and polish, ordinarily you would think that this would take too long at all especially as my teeth are in very good nick. Anyhow I ended up in the chair for nearly and hour and a half. She certainly did a brilliant job and my teeth have never looked better, but it just goes to show how dentists in the UK (at least mine) don't really put the effort in. Whenever I have been in the past, I have had the check up and he has cleaned off a couple of problem areas and maybe run a little polish over a couple of stains and that would be it, 20 mins if that, in and out. Quite clearly this wasn't enough. It's no wonder that people over here think that the English all have bad

The scaling over here was so thorough and she polished every single tooth inside and out. The verdict thankfully is that I do have good teeth, no gum disease and am not prone to cavities, if however you are not as lucky as me in the teeth department, make sure next time you get a check up in the UK they do a proper job and don't skim it!!

Wednesday night I met up with some of the camera gang (there was no meeting this week, so we just met for tea at Tim's). Nice to catch up with people and we discussed future possible outings to various places.

Saturday night Rob and I went to Melissa's house warming party over in Sackville. She has a nice little duplex, split level, very neat. Met her sister Janna and her boyfriend Adam, I liked both of them very much and would love to hook up with them again in the future. There were also some other friends of hers there and her Neighbour Derek, who is certainly a bit of a character. Quite drunk when he arrived but funny. I have a few beers which was nice for a change and we got back around midnight.

Today we popped over to Lawrencetown Beach to watch some of the surfing contest that was going on out there. The waves were very impressive, but I made the mistake of sitting on the ground and ended up with a very wet arse, so we decided to come home.

Surfing at Lawrencetown

Plenty of waves to be caught!

Surf's Up

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