Sunday, August 29, 2010

Farm Country

Yet another glorious sunny weekend! Friday night Rob and I popped out along the waterfront on the Dartmouth side as I wanted to get a couple of night shots of the MacDonald Bridge. While we we there we couldn't help scouting out property along the front, there are some fabulous houses along there, they range from the very large and expensive looking to more moderate homes. Depending on where you are, you could have an amazing view of of Halifax City Skyline...And yes you guessed it, it's my new 'pick of the week' of places to live.

Saturday Rob worked a long shift down at UHaul (6.30 am - 4 pm). I took the opportunity to get out and about with camera club friends Suzanne and Deb. Suzanne won't be around for too much longer as she has sublet her apartment and is heading the the hills of Mexico for 7 months. I digress....back to our jaunt, we headed out to farm country which is around the town of Truro and along the Bay of Fundy Shores. (Some of you may recall a few years back Rob and I stayed in this area and did the tidal bore rafting). Very pretty countryside.

Today Rob and I went up to the Canning look-off which is in the valley...Or above the valley! Great views, again such pretty countryside. The look-off is quite near to that door 17 art installation I posted a while back. Much of the locally grown produce including, blueberries, apples, pumpkins and cheese all come from this area. There are also quite a few vineyards around there as well.

Rob and I both have a hard week at work this week. It's the busiest week of the year at UHaul as all the university kids are heading back for the fall term and I have inventory on Tuesday at Pete's plus on Wednesday I have an after work orientation session??!!! Who knows what that is all about, but I get paid for it!

The Angus L. MacDonald Bridge

Beech Hill Farm near Truro

A quaint little place we stumbled upon on route to Canning

View from the Canning Look-Off

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A New Home

Just a quick update to let you all know that I had word from the Vets yesterday that Darrel the cat has already been adopted and is going to a loving home. Just a shame it's not my home! I am thrilled for him, now he will get the love he deserves.

Liz in the rental office here e-mailed me to say she was so pleased to hear the news, she too is a sucker for cats and used to feed Darrel's mum 'Mama' on the estate for 10 years, until she suddenly disappeared last Spring. So at least her son will stand a fighting chance now against the elements and infections.

Turns out he was 3 years old and he had no feline diseases, just worms.

Nothing much else to report, the weather should be lovely for the weekend, no plans as yet, but I feel sure we will be out and about doing something.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

What a week! Busy at work, I managed to fit in both my jobs, which was quite some effort I can tell you. I plan on getting back down the car lot again this Monday after Pete's.

What with the drama of Darrel the cat, and work, plus yet another trip to the doctor due to the fact I have more cysts and am yet again back on antibiotics the week flew past and on Friday I met up with Nancy at the lake for a swim which was much needed as the temperature has been around 27 degrees most of the week. It was good to catch up as she has been away in Vancouver for the past week attending her Niece's wedding. I also got to meet one her other friends Brenda who is also very nice and good company.

Saturday I did pretty much nothing apart from a little housework and it was great! Rob was working at UHaul from lunchtime till 7 pm, when he got back we went out for a quick bite to eat and had a relatively early night as we were both knackered.

Today we were invited out with Tom and Marg to their members club 'The Weagwoltic' Affectionately known to all as The Wag! In essence it's a country club with tennis, swimming and sailing on the agenda. We made full use of the salt water pool today, it was so hot and the water came as a welcome relief. After spending an enjoyable afternoon relaxing in the sun we went back to their place for a lovely dinner.

Also this week, I was chatting with my neighbour about Darrel the cat and whilst sat in their back yard, I finally got to see a hummingbird in real life. They have one of those special feeders to attract them, I had know idea they were so tiny. Seen them tons of times in photos but to actually see a real was just great, just a shame I didn't have my camera with me at that moment!

Who knows what this week will hold! The fine weather looks set to continue, if the forecast can be believed.

The salt water pool at The Weagwoltic (one of 4 pools)

Weagwoltic means near to the water...As you can see it it!

The Changing Rooms and Club House

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Darrel the Cat

Only Wednesday and already another update.

Remember last time I mentioned my new pal, the stray cat Darrel. I hadn't seen him for a couple of days, but when I got back today he appeared and was limping quite badly , his left front leg was very swollen. I didn't know what to do as we certainly don't have disposable cash for stray cat vet bills. I spent the next half an hour ringing animal shelters, various agencies and vets.

Shelters wouldn't take him, the SPCA was shut, the Animal Control people said they would only come and get him if he was dying or dead...Nice! No vets wanted to help for free...Until I got lucky, one kind vet in Lower Sackville said to bring him in, so after shutting Hamish in the bedroom and wrestling Darrel with a towel into the cat box, we were on our way.

I am pleased to report that the swelling is just a bad abscess, which can be treated, he also has worms, hence him being so skinny. He will be looked after, fixed up and neutered, and put up for adoption and sadly we had to leave him there. I was in pieces, crying like a mad woman, but I knew deep down we had to let him go for his own good, he is such a great cat and I reckon whoever re-homes him will be so lucky to have him. He was as good as gold on the vets table, friendly and loving the fuss.

Of course if we could afford to have had him ourselves and pay the bills we would have, but right now we just don't have the means. I know he will be missed by everyone who feeds him on the estate. When we got back I informed John (the Estate Manager) where he has gone and gave him a card from the practice on the off chance that someone here might want to take him in when he comes up for re-homing. The Vet also took my number and promised to let me know when he does find a home.

Luckily on Monday I took some photos of him, our time together was brief, but I shall really miss him!

The look of love...Now feed me!

Who's been fighting?!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekly Review & BBQ

Well it's Sunday and a week since my last update, so I thought I had better review the week.

My first 4 days at Pete's were quite testing and frantic. So much to remember it's unbelievable. I have to say that all the staff I have encountered have been very dedicated and a pleasure to be around. As for the job itself, it remains to be seen if I will stay there or not. For now it's a job and that's great, but I am not sure it is a long term prospect, although the days do fly by and the hours are nice.

I think one of the most embarrassing things I have had to overcome this week is paging people over the telephone system. I hate my voice at the best of times! That said I was complimented by a few people on the floor who really liked the British accent.

Rob and I have been so shattered after work this week we haven't really done anything in the evenings, but Friday we treated ourselves to Fish and Chips at Fisherman's Cove.

Saturday was Rob's Birthday and we attended to the Camera Club's annual BBQ at Lawrence's House out in Fall River. Beautiful little spot, there were games and prizes, a whole lot of food and some great company. I picked up a couple more contacts on the job front and am hoping to get a few pointers from a new friend Joanne next week.

Today as the weather was still superb, we took a drive out along South Shore. We ended up in Lunenburg after taking the scenic route most of the way along. I am now convinced I want to live in Chester. I liked it before but I love it now. Picture postcard pretty!!

In other news we seem to have adopted a stray cat, he's very skinny, a ginger and white, loveable and very affectionate tom who I have now called Darrel after one of my pals at the photo club. Darrel the human, loves nothing more than a good hike, wandering all over the place with his camera...I figured as Darrel the cat is a wanderer the name suited him rather well.

Darrel the cat turns up everyday now yelling at the back door for food. Hamish has seen him out of the window and hissed a bit, but I think he's just scared rather than looking for a fight. Darrel managed to run past me into the house the other morning which caused a stir, thankfully all my shouting scared him right back out again before he came face to face with Hamish.

Unrelated observations: Can you believe that there are no spray deodorants for sale over here?! If you are a woman your only options are sticks or roll-ons. Hairspray is another thing that ticks me off, I reckon they must have had all the good sticking agents taken out of them, as they just don't work! Pantene in the UK works like a dream, here is it wets your hair and that's about it, I have tried 3 different brands so far and they range from crap to really crap.

Sailing into the Sunset at Fisherman's Cove

Moonlight and Sunset at Fisherman's Cove

Blue Rocks Fishing Shacks

Putting faces to names, two of my favourite people -
Left: Darrel, Right: Deb (part of the Wednesday night photo

Lawrence's lovely pool!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Day

I was off to a cracking start prior to my first day on the job. Yesterday I developed yet another eyelid infection went to the docs to get it checked out as it was really swollen and very sore. He said to just use ointment as I have done before and use a hot compress on it. Then I got back only to fall up our stairs at home, crashed down on my bad knee and I think I have badly bruised it as it is really painful, so all in all not a great start to the week.

Today I hobbled into Pete's for my first day. Met Olivia and did a bit of standard paperwork with her and got given my mall discount card which entitles me to 10 or 15% off goods in all the other outlets in Sunnyside Mall. Then I had a tour of the place, shop floor and upstairs, got introduced to loads of people who I instantly forgot the names of. Debbie is my mentor and trainer, she unfortunately was covering for someone on the shop floor, so rather than shuffle off home early I said I would go and muck in with her to get to know her. She is lovely. We baked bread (part baked I might add) and helped people on the decadence counter which has the most amazing cakes and sweets...mmmmm.

From about 12.30 we were both upstairs and she was showing me the ropes on the phones, I hated paging people, the sound of my voice is bad enough, let alone over a speaker system! I messed up a few calls as there are way too many things to remember and then we headed back to the floor where the hand scanner became my best friend. We checked for missing labels on the shelves, scanned the bar codes and requested labels, this info then gets stored upstairs on the system for us to print out. Also made a couple of signs for the shop floor and that was about it. Everything looks really complicated right now, but I figure it will get easier. The hand scanner was by far my favourite thing! All the staff seem really lovely there. One chap Craig is the new deli manager and he has only been there 3 weeks, he's Scottish and then there's Ben who is a New Zealander...So I am not the only immigrant in the place :o)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

A trip down Memory Lane

Another busy week has slipped by, and for me, my last week of freedom!
Rob has been busy down at U-Haul, and in between we have been getting out and about.

Wednesday night we were due to go out for the Eastern Passage fireworks, but unfortunately the weather meant they were postponed until tonight, and as we have been out all day we shall give it a miss. Thursday I worked on the car lot. Far too many trucks to move about for my liking, however I did successfully manage to move and reverse park 3 of them without hitting anything, which is quite something.

Saturday I was out all day again with Suzanne taking photographs around the Eastern Shore and Fisherman's Cove. Today Rob and I took a trip out to another heritage village called Memory Lane, a very pretty and authentic 1940s/50's place.

I was up late on the computer the other night (just for a change :o) and heard all sorts of noises out the back. I now know (although I haven't seen them yet) it's raccoons trying to get in the dustbins. My neighbour also informed me that we get the occasional snake in the back yard if the grass isn't kept short....I must admit this has had me checking the ground every time I step outside now!

As for the bloody mosquitoes, I am now popping a garlic tablet everyday, as folk have told me this puts them right off you, and so far it seems to have worked!

On Friday night I ventured out to get my hair done (with much trepidation after the last time). This place is called Allure in Downtown Dartmouth, my stylist's name Kim White (no relation). I put a lot of faith in her as I was having colour done as well as a cut BUT, to my absolute relief she really knew her stuff and did a great job, so thankfully I now have a regular place to go, the down side is, it's as pricey as the UK!!

I will take this opportunity to wish my dad a very happy birthday for tomorrow!!! I shall be thinking of you! I sent my dad a web cam which he is now making full use of on Skype!

Stonehurst Cove, one of my favourite photo spots

More bang for your buck in those days!

Who needs a lawn mower?!

Fisherman's Cove

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I Gotta a Job!

So Big News! Pleased to report that the second interview went very well at Pete's today, so well in fact they called me this afternoon and offered me the job! I start next Tuesday. I am pretty sure this whole new environment will be a challenge, but I am looking forward to it. I get discount after 3 months (15%) which goes up after 6 months to 30% and then I also get medical and dental benefits too, so that means hopefully we can put our Blue Cross on hold as employer benefits extend to Rob as well as myself. (these benefits are all add-ons to the provincial system which is free). The pay is average for around here. I won't be making a fortune, but it's a good start which in turn may lead on to other things.
Rob and I have just got back from our neighbours next door who invited us round for drinks tonight, they are really nice now we have got to know them a little, and we hope to return the favour at some point and have them round here.

I am off to the car lot tomorrow as I know I have a lot of cars waiting for me. Hopefully I will still be able to keep this up as well, although it might be on a slightly more limited basis.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Beauty and the Beastly Mosquitoes!

Can't believe it's been nearly a week since I posted an update! Not sure where the time goes.

Thursday night Rob and I took a quick drive out to Prospect as I wanted to see what a night shot would look like there, got a couple of nice ones, but didn't stay too long as I was literally attacked by mosquitoes. Bite count 5 (in about 10 minutes!)

The Natal Day fireworks display was very impressive on Saturday night, Rob and I joined our little group of photo friends and headed out to the same spot we went to before to take some photos. I got chatting with Suzanne about going out shooting on Sunday and ended up getting up early and spending a wonderful day with her at some of our favourite places on South Shore.

We started off in Mahone Bay and then headed for Blue Rocks and Lunenburg. The weather was just gorgeous and we took literally hundreds of photos. Rob declined coming along, he would have been up for it if he knew we weren't going to be gone all day but Both Suzanne and I knew this would not be the case...As you can't rush!

I had in mind to go and watch the parade today, but I was just shattered after yesterday, so we gave it a miss.

I managed to rack up a total of 15 bites yesterday, all of which itch like hell, I have 3 more on my left ankle to match the others I got in Prospect on the other ankle, but the majority of them are down my neck, back and left shoulder, with one on my head!

I think we are hoping to get out to Eastern Passage tomorrow night for another get together as there are yet more fireworks scheduled (weather permitting). Note to self...spray head to toe in insect repellent before going out! No plans as yet for the weekend, but if the weather remains the way it is no doubt we shall head out somewhere.

I do hope my images are making at least some of you want to come and visit...Oh and by the way, the earwig problem seems to have subsided??!! Whether we manged to kill all the buggers I am not sure!!

Early Morning at Mahone Bay

Beautiful Lunenburg...Click to view Larger!

Peggy's at Sunset

Still Waters at Prospect

Natal Day Fireworks

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